what is online reputation management

Reputation management is about influencing or handling the online reputation of a business firm or of an individual. Reputation management is essential for everyone who is in business because the growth of internet has led to stiff competition.

On the internet business competitors usually spread false allegations against various companies or people in commanding position just to tarnish their image hence in such a scenario it becomes essential to take corrective steps like defending the false accusations and by spreading goodwill but this is not easy. This can only be done by a professionally managed firm which specializes in reputation management.

Reputation management is about doing damage control by using online tools to prevent any further loss of business or reputation. Due to the growth of internet people have become net savvy and this has resulted in people raising their voice through complaint boards. Also, online buyers give negative feedback for the products that they have bought. All such negative publicity tarnishes check out this article the image of the concerned company and its products, which results in huge loss for the company.

Many times the competitors spread false rumors on the internet about the competing products by spreading negative reviews. This is done by a team of reputation management professionals who are hired by the companies online reputation management services hence if you are in business then it becomes essential for you to have the best professional service for managing your online reputation.

What reputation management firms do?

  • The Reputation management firm always spread positive feedback on sites like eBay.
  • Reputation management firms give discount to the users on ecommerce sites for getting positive feedback.
  • They write and submit friendly image enhancing content on Wikipedia.
  • They use DOS attacks or spam bots for  forcing a website to remove negative reviews.
  • They use Google search results for improving the reputation of an individual or a company.
  • On behalf of their client the reputation management firms legally challenge a website to remove all the unwarranted reviews or content posted on it.
  • The Reputation management firms try to shoot down the negative content by blasting positive reviews everywhere on the internet by doing SEO.
  • Reputation management firms reply with vengeance on every public complaint board or an ecommerce site whenever negative feedback or review is posted by a user.
  • All the contents owned by the company are optimized for the search engines and are tagged social media marketing company
    properly for getting better visibility in the search engines and also on other websites.
  • Fake blogs and usernames are created to tone down any negative publicity.
  • The reputation management firms frequently publish white papers and newsletters for improving the online credibility of its client.
  • Reputation management firms do brand management by spreading positive feedback all over the internet and they also spread negative feedback for competitor’s products.
  • Reputation management firms create and manage the social media profiles of the company for improving goodwill among its consumers.
  • Press releases are created and published on high profile sites on the internet for creating a positive image of the company.
  • Only original content is posted on the company blog and other websites




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