How Online Marketing is Done


Online Marketing is also known as Internet Marketing because the entire marketing process is done through the internet.

How is Online Marketing done?

Online Marketing is done through the following techniques:


SEM means Search Engine Marketing. SEM is done in order to make a website visible in the search engines. For every search query, the search engine result shows sponsored as well as non-sponsored result. According to a keyword SEM is done by the advertisers for gaining visibility in the search results.

Display ads

Display ads are used as a medium to run marketing campaigns through various websites. In this medium graphical, animated, photographic or video ads are displayed on various websites for promotional purpose.

When a user clicks on an ad, the ad server places a cookie on the user’s system which checks whether the user has bought the product or not. If the user leaves the website without purchasing then the user is later on again targeted when he/she visits the same website.


SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is done in order to improve the ranking of a website in the search engine result pages. SEO actually deals with the organic search rankings.

Banner ads

Banner ads are effectively used for a marketing campaign. On a web page, graphical banner ads internet marketing services are displayed through a centrally located ad server.

Adobe Flash, HTML5 and Java applets are used for making interactive banner ads. Such ads are often displayed as animation, audio, and video.


SMM means Social Media Marketing. SMM is used for promoting internet marketing for small business , the company and its products on various social media websites.

Pop-under ad

In this type of online marketing the ad is popped-under, which means the ad is displayed in a new window under the user’s main window.

Pop-up ad

In this type of online marketing the ad is popped-up, which means the ad is displayed in a new window above the user’s main window.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising is an online marketing medium through which promotional activities are done through mobile devices. MMS and SMS are effectively used for marketing. Other types of ads are also displayed on a mobile online marketing company device. This type of advertising has gained great momentum because of advancement in mobile technology. The new high-end mobile devices have given a big boost to online marketing through mobile ads.

Overlay advertising

Overlay advertising is also known as Floating advertising. This is a smart type of online marketing campaign in which the ad is super-imposed on the content that is requested by the user. Such type of ad is displayed for a pre-set time.

Email Advertising

Email Advertising is also used as an online marketing medium. Emails are sent to multiple recipients for marketing purpose. The recipients have choice of opting out of the email program.

Expanding advertisement

In this form of online marketing the ad gets expanded when a user accesses a web page. The ad keeps on expanding when a user moves the mouse or the cursor over the ad.

Search ads

Search ads are also known as sponsored search or sponsored links. The advertisers bid for the search ads depending on the keywords. For displaying such ads, the advertisers have to bid for the selected keywords. Ranking of search ads is done according to the click rate, quality of the website, bid rate and the keyword.

Text advertising

Text advertising is another effective online marketing medium. It is used to display hyper links which are text based. Such ads can also be used for SMS or email marketing. Text ads are faster than graphical ads.

Trick banner ad

Trick banner ad is an online marketing strategy which deceives the online users to click on the ad because they don’t look like an ad. The click through rate for such ads is very high because the users think that they are actually accessing the requested page.

Interstitial advertising

Interstitial advertising is a way of online marketing where the ad is displayed before the requested content is loaded. Such ads interrupt the web page content by few seconds.

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